Sexual Assault During Uber Rides

Across the globe, Uber has been dealing with thousands of sexual assault lawsuits every year. Women are recurrently reporting cases of sexual harassment, kidnapping, raping and all kinds of attacks performed by drivers who were supposed to give them a safe ride home.

The victims are also claiming that Uber is not acting on its best efforts to ensure the safety of women and that the company could be neglecting or deliberately covering the cases of assaults. According to Uber, the drivers are independent contractors, not employees, therefore the company cannot be held responsible or accountable for their behavior.

The victims criticize the response of uber and the fact that the company could be doing a lot more to avoid the cases of sexual assaults. Running a more thorough background check on drivers and enforcing the implementation of cameras inside the cars are some of the measures that could help preventing the attacks.

The policy of “three strikes” could also be turned into a “one strike” to make sure the criminal drivers would never cause harm to more than one victim

Lawsuits from women who have been through sexual assaults during uber rides are beginning to catch a lot of attention. The jury trials have been prone to hold Uber accountable for its negligence on supervising the drivers, even if they are not technically hired by the company. If you have been exposed to any kind of assault during an uber ride, we are here to help you with your case!