Exposed To Camp Lejeune Water?

The Law Is Finally On Your Side And We Can Help You

Understanding the case:

For many decades Marines and their families at Camp Lejeune made regular use (including drinking) highly contaminated water. The toxins found in the water were at concentrations thousands of times higher than the ones allowed by safety controls.

During the 70s a warning was issued, alerting for the fact that the improper disposal of solvents could lead to water contamination. Despite that, the solvents kept being placed and improperly buried nearby the wells.

The wells in Camp LeJeune were shut off for a while but came back to operation, violating sanitary laws and causing injury by contamination to hundreds of thousands of people. The housing areas surrounding Berkeley Manor, Tarawa Terrace, Paradise Point, Hospital Point among others in the vicinity can be pointed as places of exposure.

It is estimated that about half million people who lived and accessed these areas may have been dangerously exposed to contaminated water throughout these faulty operation decades.

The law is finally on your side and we can help you!

Following many days of veterans protesting at the Capitol, the bill stipulating monetary compensation for those potentially injured by exposure to the Camp LeJeune contaminated water finally passed at the U.S. Senate.

On August 10, 2022 President Biden signed the law that may provide financial relief for people who have been exposed to Camp LeJeune toxic water, who may have ended up developing healthy conditions associated to such exposure.

If you or members of your family have been exposed to Camp LeJeune water, get in contact with us! Our lawyers will help you with your case and assist you through the whole process of obtaining the financial compensation that is now granted by law.